Hi! My name is Karina and I’m delighted to see you on my website! I’m the designer and maker of everything you can see here.

Earrings have always been my favourite jewellery. I love how a pair of earrings can compliment and complete your look, making you look effortlessly chic or playful or feminine or add a bold touch to your outfit. Earrings can define an outfit.  

To start with, I just made earrings for myself. I was frustrated by not being able to find statement earrings that would match different moods and styles, that were unique and had a story. And, I couldn’t stand buying poor quality, patterned mass-market earrings. Once I started making them, I realized I found the process of working with polymer clay and handcrafting earrings to be meditative and fulfilling and I could express my creativity and my perception of style through the earrings. I was hooked.

My passion for making earrings brought me to the point where I decided to establish KIPI.STUDIO, my brand – a brand with high quality, uniqueness and mindfulness as its core values. As opposed to fast fashion production, each of my pieces is created with a lot of care and attention to the quality and details.

Although I am always excited to see a complete assembled pair, I truly enjoy the process itself. It is the creative process that gives the earrings their story. At each stage, starting from coming up with a concept for a new collection to assembling parts, there’s no rush, and I invest a lot of time, energy and love into every piece of my jewellery. All earrings are handmade by myself in my small studio in Berlin and no two pieces of my earrings will be completely alike. That’s what makes each piece special and I love that.

Making earrings brings me total joy and fulfilment, and I hope you will enjoy wearing a pair of my earrings as much as I enjoy making them for you.

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